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How to Backup a Folder With a Flash Memory Drive
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pc maintenance tips

Tips for getting the most out of your PC

CleaningCleaning House

We recommend running Disk Cleanup once a week. This is a built-in Windows utility for deleting temporary files that are no longer needed. Makes more drive space available and may improve performance.

This program can be accessed through: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools

Want something more powerful? Why not try CleanUp! or CCleaner for an even more thorough cleaning? Find out more about these free programs and others on our recommended software page.


Defragment!Tuning Up
We recommend running Disk Defragmenter once a month. This is a built-in Windows utility designed to arrange files in a logical manner on the hard disk so that data may be accessed faster. This can improve performance and decrease the danger of file corruption.

This program can be accessed through: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools

Find out more about this free program and others on our recommended software page.


Backup your Data!An ounce of prevention...
Back up your data! Can you afford to lose all those irreplaceable digital photos, important documents, emails and addresses? Hard drives can fail without warning and data recovery can be an expensive option.
There are many means of storing your data and these include:

Method Pros Cons
DVD or CD Media is cheap.
Readable on almost any PC.
Easily scratched.
Prone to write errors.
Will deteriorate over time.
External Hard Drive

Fast copying on USB2 or Firewire.
Large Capacity.

Fragile and somewhat bulky to carry offsite.
USB Pen (Flash) Drive Small and Portable.
Fast Copying on USB2.
Can be lost or damaged
Floppy Disk Media is cheap.
Very small capacity.
Unreliable and prone to damage.
Zip Disk (and similar) - Unreliable and prone to damage.
Expensive 'old' technology.
Online Secure Backup Automated so no need to remember to backup.
No media required.
Requires broadband connection to for best results.
Subscription based.

For information about backup utilities including MozyHome and MozyPro, please visit our recommended software page.



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